Business relations and deals are made or stillborn not at the boardroom but well before.
How you behave at lunch, dinner, cocktail events, and very formal events are carefully scrutinized as they relate more about you than you realize.
The way you sit, hold your glass of wine or spirits, and engage with others will influence how others perceive you.


We may not find that fair but sadly it is a fact.


we are unique in that we upon request hold high level dining and wine experiences in a controlled environment where we put you through your paces so you can be adept at what is required when required.
How to correctly order wine when asked, which wine to select and pair with which food, taste wine, which whisky to pair with which cigar or even how to eat caviar and foie gras.
What etiquette is required at a golf game, on a sailing boat, motorboat and perhaps the theatre.
All combined experience and skills are encapsulated in our courses and even more for our customized programs. Prices available upon request.
For the uninitiated we suggest you begin with our highly recommended and successful Masterclasses outlined below:

Consider this: 65% of business deals fail due to cultural misunderstandings. Gain a competitive advantage by mastering the essential manners and etiquette practices for greetings, business meetings, and discussion topics in diverse cultures.
Don’t let a lack of cultural intelligence lead to costly mistakes. Discover how cultural missteps have resulted in significant financial losses for companies worldwide. Many multinational corporations have suffered both financial and relationship losses due to a cultural faux pas during a high-stakes negotiation.
Our course offers practical strategies to navigate cross-cultural interactions and build strong relationships. By investing just 3 hours minimum of your time, you can significantly improve your career opportunities and maximize your success in global business.

Did you know that 94% of executives believe that cultural competence impacts the success of their companies? Don’t be left behind. Our immersive masterclass dives deep into cultural nuances, covering greetings, business meetings, discussion topics, and more.
Explore real-world case studies where ignorance of etiquette and manners led to disastrous consequences, such as missed business opportunities and reputational damage. Learn from these examples to avoid similar pitfalls.
Engage in strategic discussions and role-playing exercises that mirror the challenges you may encounter in your global business interactions. By arming yourself with cultural intelligence, you can excel in diverse environments and seize opportunities that others might miss.

What you decide upon will make or break your company, its as simple as that. How you eat, drink, play gold, hobbies, your understanding of art and culture all play a part of how you are perceived. Do you have what it takes? Find out your strengths and weaknesses during this no-holds barred Masterclass.
In today’s interconnected world, 85% of executives believe that a lack of cultural intelligence can lead to failed business ventures. Join our Masterclass to develop the cultural intelligence necessary for global leadership success. Explore global statistics that demonstrate the impact of cultural intelligence on organizational performance. For example, companies with culturally competent leaders are 3.8 times more likely to achieve market leadership.
Dive into engaging case studies that highlight the critical importance of understanding cultural nuances to make informed business decisions.
This masterclass includes a lunch with wine covering all the aspects of etiquette and manners. Additionally, there is a formal dinner where participants will hone their skills and at both lunch and dinner the entire wine and dine ambience and experience are life changing. This is role playing at its best.

We recognize that you may have a very specific area or industry you wish to prepare for that is not covered by our standard Masterclasses. We can adapt, innovate, and improvise according to your situational, industry and client needs. This will require a consultation to meet with you and discuss your needs. There is a consulting fee of $ – USD for the consultation and upon engagement the fee is credited to you. We appreciate your understanding.All Masterclasses are flexible in terms of time and date.

⦁ Wine and Spirits Introduction for business purposes
⦁ Cigar and whisky introduction and pairing
⦁ Caviar and Champagne including other sparkling wines.
⦁ Port and Sherry
All these are customized programs and prices vary according to wines and food selected.